TruckWin Dispatch System is bar none the most efficient and easy to use system in the country. This feature rich system has helped hundreds of trucking companies run and grow successfully around the country. By always evolving and improving, TruckWin will simplify your operations, increase efficiencies, and reduce your costs. Net result: keeping everything running smooth and everyone happy.

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Key Functions:
  • Order Entry
  • Frequent Orders
  • Load Rate Board
  • Available and Dispatched Load Management
  • LTL Load capability
  • Dispatch Trips
  • Dispatch White Board
  • Pending Board (Available Loads)
  • Color Coding
  • Trip Tracking
  • Movement Tracking Reports
  • Trailer Tracking and Inventory
  • Tractor Tracking and Inventory
  • Delivery Receipt
  • Carrier/Customer Confirmations
  • Trip Mileage and Routing
  • Supports Split Trips
  • Supports Team Drivers
  • Integrated Mapping *
  • Apply Revenue
  • Call In Control Information
  • Maintenance Report (Trailer/Tractor)
  • Revenue Report by Dispatcher and Driver
  • Integrated Driver Advance/Fuel System
  • Ability to Import Fuel Card Purchases
  • Ability to Add Additional Stops and Drops

*Integrates with ProMiles or PCMiler

  • Improved Asset Utilization
  • Reduced Truck Deadhead
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Improved Driver Retention
  • Improved Profitability
  • Increase Potential Volume
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Improved Carrier Relations
  • Increase Internal Productivity
  • Improve Staff Retention

System Features:
  • Stand Alone, Web-Based, and Network Options
  • Integrates with Mileage Programs: ProMiles and PCMiler
  • Help and Training Access
  • Audit Trail
  • A Dispatch and Accounting Package with Integration to General Ledger
  • Off Site Database Backup
  • Access or SQL Database
  • Accounting Assistance Available
  • Annual Upgrades/Enhancements