Mileage and Routing

Mileage and Routing are critical for any company. With TruckWin software, you are assured that all of your bases are covered with either our integrated mileage option (interfaced with TruckWin software) or stand alone (not interfaced with TruckWin software ) option. Having your routes and mileage found for you will eliminate the need to manually run the miles for each trip. This will save you time and let your dispatchers concentrate on moving freight, rather than running miles.

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Truckwin Mileage and Routing Integration

Key Functions
  • Integrated Option Interfaces with two of the top mileage programs
  • Stand alone (not interfaced with TruckWin) mileage programs available.
  • Ability to calculate deadhead miles
  • Ability to set alternate mileage routes if driver goes off course
  • Ability in Truckwin to bill one set of miles, and pay the driver with a different set of miles
  • Mileage data will be posted into the Fuel Tax module broken down by state
  • Ability to view a map and route with some mileage programs
  • Options for route lookup for billing vs. Fuel Tax (shortest, practical, National network, toll discouraged). (with integrated option only)
  • Option to look up lessor miles